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Exploring Magda Apanowicz and “The Green Inferno”

Posted on January 30, 2016

Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno is now out on DVD and On Demand. If you have yet to see it I don’t know what you’re waiting for. I wouldn’t watch it alone. And I don’t think I’ll be visiting any rainforests anytime soon.

Next up in The Dodgy’s fun and unique interview series is with one of the films stars, Magda Apanowicz. You may have also seen her in Caprica, Continuum, Kyle XY. And did you know she played a cheerleader in Hellcats?



What was  your favorite part of filming The Green Inferno?

My favorite part of this movie was being able to film somewhere so incredible like the jungles of Peru. I got to see amazing, small villages and towns that I might never had the opportunity to see in my life. Every day that we came home from shooting in the village, we took this small, rickety metal boat home. It would take about an hour to get into the port, at the same time the sun would be setting. I would watch the sunset and remind myself this feeling will be something I never forget.

Did the cast hang out a lot together?

We spent a lot of time together. We filmed six days a week. The days off we’d take pedicabs into town and explore.


Your character has some great tattoos. Do you have any?

I wish I had a tattoo or multiple ones. Unfortunately with my look, it would potentially get in my way of characters I could play. There is make-up to cover them but I love sleeping in and it would only add time (about 30 minutes – one hour) to my morning call times. which sometimes can be as early as 5 or 5:30 a.m. I like to sleep!

Do you have a lot of Sci-fi fans – the Comic-Con crowd, based on the work you’ve done?

I love going to Comic-Con, Dragon Con, Wizard Con, ANY CON really! The amount of love I get from fans is wonderful and always humbling but what I love the most about those places is that there is just so much acceptance. A freedom of being who you are. “Geeks,” “nerds,” people who are labeled as weirdos have this safe environment to play and feel like who they are and what they like isn’t being judged.

What’s your ideal date?

Oooh! This is a difficult answer…It really depends on what day you ask me. Sometimes I think going to a GoCart course, with a side of shooting some mini golf is one great night! But then I think maybe an ideal date would be doing something I never tried before, like paragliding or horseback riding to a beach to eat a picnic dinner. And if you ask me other times, wearing comfy pjs, renting a new movie, ordering a big pizza with extra ranch would be the best date ever.

Your drink of choice?


Who did you play in Hellcats?

I played Nasty Kathy on Hellcats. I loved working on that show! I wish it had more seasons. I got to do cheerleading, which I did back in high school. I was on a competitive cheerleading team and I got to do my other favorite thing, act.

Who would be the best cast member from “Inferno” to have a beer with?

I’d say Ramon Llao, who played the bald headhunter. He plays such a terrifying character but in real life is such a jelly bear. He’s so funny and full of so many stories.

Favorite music artist?

I would say Mumford and Sons and Hanson!

Anything coming up for you?

Right now I’m working on a feature called Tulips. It’s an Italian/Dutch/Canadian production. It’s such a beautiful story with incredibly talented actors from Holland and Italy. I had to learn Italian for the part, and a traditional Italian dance called the Tarantella. I also get to ride a bad-ass old school motorcycle with a side car. I went to the south of Italy to film it. We took a hiatus for the holidays and plan to finish the movie later this year.

magda_apanowicz magda_apanowicz

UK Grief’s Dodgy Winter Kick-Off

Posted on December 27, 2015


On Saturday, Dec. 19, the band UK Grief was walking past the legendary Fireside Bowl in Logan Square on its way to perform at a party celebrating the start of winter. We saw a skinny dude with tight pants, an over-sized winter cap and a goldfish-shaped birthmark under his right eye outside enjoying a cigarette. Reclusive Chicago author Clive Javanski and keyboardist for UK Grief knew him and asked “what the fuck he was doing there” since it was no longer the punk venue it once was.

Clive was regaling the smoker about the time he was saw Shellac at Fireside where he passed out in the bathroom and “broke my ass.”

A tall blonde girl with red streak in her hair and large black glasses walked outside and asked me if I had a light. I did. I don’t usually smoke, but I always keep a lighter on me for when tall blonde girls with large black glasses ask me for a light. I really liked her plaid holiday skirt and black tights and I’m sure she had smoker’s breath but I wanted to find out by kissing her. She said her name was Cortenya and insisted myself and the rest of the band (Aidan and Sasha) and join her for a quick drink at Bob Inn, a dive bar across the street.

Most dive bars have a name that give it away that it’s a dive bar. At Bob Inn you could cozy up to the longtime regulars who remember what it’s like to use a rotary phone or play pool with the cute DePaul grad student showing off her new pixie cut while kicking your ass in pool.

The bar reminded me of a place my dad took me too on Christmas when I was a kid. While he was upstairs changing into Santa Claus he fell through the ceiling right on the bar. Fortunately he landed near the taps and quickly poured himself a Guinness.

It’s one of my favorite holiday memories ever.

Cortenya and I took a seat at a little booth chair by the wall facing the bar, while across from us Aidan was already hitting up a 50-plus excitable woman with spiky white hair to smoke pot outside.

“I haven’t smoked that shit in 25 years and I’m not about to start again now,” she said.

After a few beers Cortenya pulled a mistletoe out of her handbag and put it over us and asked for a kiss. She then joined us at the gig, which was in a 3-story home owned by “Teddy O” – a Japanese transplant who owned a fashion store in Wicker Park and said he was UK Grief’s biggest fan. The basement of what was once a 3-flat apartment building had been transported into an underground club.

We played a few holiday and wintry tunes. Two visiting German girls joined us for a cover of Perry Como’s “Christmas Dream.” We also did a shitty cover of Say Hi’s “November Was White, December Was Grey” – one of my favorite songs. The highlight of the set was a cover of Material Issue’s “Merry Christmas Will Do.” Second was our take on James Brown’s “Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year.”

After the set I searched for Corteyna. I wanted her to pull out the mistletoe again. And she did, only it was over her and Teddy O’s head as they kissed in the kitchen.

“Fuck me,” I said.

Sasha joined me. She pulled out a little bag of marijuana and held it over our heads. We kissed.

Happy Winter to all!


Coming Sunday: UK Grief’s Dodgy Winter Kick-Off

Posted on December 26, 2015

Chicago’s own “band of assholes” UK Grief recently played at a Logan Square party in celebration of the winter season. So obviously, shit happens, even on the way walking to the gig.

NOTE: More time has been spent between posts and why? Yours truly has been busy working on the book version of The Dodgy. That news is certainly worth having a pint or two.

Meanwhile, enjoy this pic of the stray cat named Bucktown.



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