Haunted house ‘butcher’ reports being groped by visitor – Post-Tribune.

Uh-oh. It’s Haunted House time, which means groping season is on.

In this story, a 14-year-old boy acting in this Porter Haunted House had some strange man (with a purse!) run his  hand down his chest before clutching his crotch.

And check out what the attraction’s (I’ll say there was an attraction!) owner said about it: ‘accidental contact between spectators and workers is an unfortunate part of the nature of the business.’

Yikes! Does what happened sound accidental? Hmmm….who do you think does more groping? The visitors to these haunted houses or the ‘actors’ ??? I went on a date once to a haunted house and she groped the shanks out of me in there. I guess that’s different.

By the way, the article got it wrong. It’s Amhurst Asylum, not Amburst.