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Special Forces IPA Mermaid Spit

Posted on June 29, 2011

Drinking Crown Brewing’s Special Forces IPA at the Taste of the Region was like having a beautiful mermaid spit down my throat…yum. A little  NOLA was present at Crown Point’s Taste of the Region June 25 as the Bourbon Street booth offered up some fine red beans, rice and sausage. And how about some music on the side? Not sure about the headgear but…good times. Especially when Crown Brewing is serving the beer.

32-ounce beer, Dick Diamond, schmuckery…

Posted on June 27, 2011

This is what you got with your 32-ounce beer at the St. Thomas More Fest beer garden in Munster. Crazy-ass 70s and 80s tuneage. Dick Diamond and the Dusters was Saturday’s band. This is one of the bigger summer beer gardens in the region. Plenty of seating outside and inside the giant white tent. The 32-ouncers were $6. If that was too big you could have gone to the usual 16-ounce up at $4. Miller Lite was on tap. A decent over-21 crowd but lots of couples. Another reminder that if you’re single in NWI it’s not so hotta unless you’re in high school.  

Jaycee Fest is all about boozing and tunes

Posted on June 24, 2011

The Hobart Jaycee Fest Beer Garden kicks off tonight through July 3. We’ll be there a few of those days to report on the beer and the music – and the miscreants who wander through the gates. There’s not much fest to this fest. It’s a giant beer garden with live music. But that’s OK. The Hobart Jaycees know how to beer garden. All their events involve a beer garden. Although I have not seen a bg at their Christmas Tree lot in December (yet), I was invited into the lot’s trailer once where they had on hand, of course, beer.