Essays, interviews, entertaining asides and random assery. Morally undefined. Chicago-based, from a Chicago Irish who revels in the satisfaction of  a well-poured pint.

I am Liffey

A girl at a party not long ago asked me, “Are you brilliant?” (It’s in the post “Are You In Love?”). I’ve been called Elusive. I’ve been called an asshole, an artist, a man with nice pants.

Origins of The Dodgy.

I was at my neighborhood bar in Chicago visiting my beautiful friend from Ireland and over a few pints of Guinness I told her my plans for a blog about absurdities, beer gardens, festivals, riots, strange mayhem, commentary and thoughts about the goings-on in Northwest Indiana – while I was there on a work assignment.

“It’s a bit dodgy, isn’t it then?” she said.

There are several definitions for that mostly British word, “dodgy” but we’re basing on some of the ones Princeton uses (and what she had in mind) which are: chancy, of uncertain outcome, especially fraught with risk.

The blog did in fact start off like that. But things change. The assignment ended, and now I’m back in Chicago. And based in this weird city The Dodgy will continue to document the absurd while including fashion, sex, media, musings, incorrect but sexy structure, and artists interviews as only The Dodgy can.

The artist interviews are my babies. I cherish them.

There are the stories and essays, and everything is copyrighted, of course. So there.

Sometimes names are changed to protect the stupid.

A book based on this site, tentatively called The Dodgy, is in the works!

You may email me at or tweet at @liffeydodgy. Also, comments are open on the pages but not always on the posts.