recently chose nwidodgy (now The Dodgy) as one of ten blogs for its holiday traffic giveaway contest.


PD Holiday Giveaway Winners

With the new year fully underway, it’s time to announce the winning URLs from our holiday traffic giveaway. While we received numerous great entries from both users and advertisers alike, the following ten URLs were selected and sent Paid Discovery traffic their way during the holidays. It was a win-win situation, with our winners gaining free traffic to their URL, and our users getting to see more excellent content to thumb-up. Unsurprisingly, the winners’ content did really well with our community.

Here’s a look at the winning URLs (in no particular order):

  1. An interesting infographic explaining why all of the gift cards you received during the holidays are worth less than you think.
  2. Vegans of the world feast your eyes on this vegan food blog with some delectable recipes.
  3. A fun new site (currently in beta) that allows you to share your thoughts on anything from the web.
  4. If you’re looking for some cool dance music, look no further.
  5. Hammocks. What else is there to say? We sure love ‘em.
  6. Come see the adventures of a “Chicago Irish lad tossing about in Northwest Indiana.”
  7. This intriguing list of creative and unique computer keyboards is making me consider changing mine…
  8. If you’ve got a sweet tooth then this food blog will get you salivating.
  9. Don’t miss this skate video featuring some killer music.
  10. Canada + Satire = The Smew.

For those of you that weren’t selected; fret not, because there will be more Paid Discovery traffic giveaways to come in 2012. What can we say, we like to reward a great stumble.