Like I promised…inspired by Anna Kendrick’s “touch” scenes from 50/50.

Anna Kendrick and her magic touch…

Those little scenes resonated with me…I’m posting a few personal experiences of “the touch.” It’s a rare time you’ll see something semi-sweet here.

Angela’s her name – I’ve mentioned her before. We dated briefly but mostly she was the “I’ll always be your friend” type. Once we were going on break together and I was complaining of a cold or something, or having a sickness and swollen glands. Angela started touching around my neck to see. I quite enjoyed it so like the Indiana Jones/Marian boat scene in “Raiders” I told her to check “here, or there…maybe here” on my neck. It made me feel better.

Another Angela highlight: in the back office, when she rolled up her pants and allowed me to massage her bare, skinny calves.

Most of these are of the “unrequited” variety – maybe that’s why they’re memorable. It never went any further.

Another time was someone I also had strong feelings for. She stopped midway during a conversation we were having to wipe something away from my eyelashes. “That’s what friends do,” she said. There were also a few nice cuddling moments on the couch while watching movies.

I remember it like it just happened. She would never in a million years recall that, I guarantee you.

I was working on a project with a group. I was sitting down when a gal I had an absolute mad crush on came up behind me and gave me a strong hug “hello” from behind. It involved her head on my shoulder while her face pressed against mine. That was amazing. Sounds crazy but I never forgot it. There was just something about it.

I even have a celebrity example. Once I met Milla Jovovich and having her arm around me during a photo opp. is something I won’t forget. Her skinny hipbone was magical in my grasp.

Milla gives good embrace

When it’s someone you’re attracted to, whether it’s someone you’ve known for awhile or whom you just met (50/50) a “touch” can be something special.

That’s it for now. Time to go back to thoughts on unbridled drunken kisses and awkward but passionate sex.