HBO has a lot of channels. HBO “1” for example, will show a first-run episode of a series or film. Then HBO “2” will repeat it. Then HBO “3” will repeat that. Not to mention HBO “1” will also repeat it, at some time. It can get rather confusing.

I’m not sure how it would work financially and all, but how awesome would it be if they could designate one of those channels as HBO Independent, or HBOI.

HBO needs to have an independent film channel. What’s on HBO Go doesn’t count. Currently included in the seven or eight films there are 28 Days Later, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, and Anything Else. Huh?

HBOI would show films like Walking and Talking, The Brothers McMullen, Rodger Dodger, The Guard, Submarine, Monsters, Newlyweds, etc.

I don’t need three or four HBO channels giving me countless screenings of Get Him to the Greek, Leap Year, or Couples Retreat.

I want some Parker Posey, Noah Baumbach, Ed Burns, Nicole Holofcener, Catherine Keener, Brit Marling.

And how about a little Dinner for Five? I miss that IFC vehicle with Jon Favreau drinking, eating, and bullshitting with fellow cinema folks. I’d love to see that on HBOI, and Favreau wouldn’t even have to host all the time if he’s busy directing and all. Have a guest host. Kevin Smith? I never get tired of hearing him speak. Make him a part of HBOI in some way.

Newlyweds - Ed Burns