She shares the same name as a mermaid princess. She’s a cross-country runner and was on her co-ed high school wrestling team. She’s learning to fly. She eats seal tongue, or flipper, or something like that. She bought a kilt in Scotland. She’s Ariel Tweto, and should I be in love with her? I first took notice of Ariel on the Discovery show Flying Wild Alaska. I saw her take flying lessons. Would I fly the Alaskan skies with her? Eventually, sure. But for now I’d instead share with her an Anchorage hot tub. Last week Ariel was one of Craig Ferguson’s guests during his The Late, Late Show’s journey to Scotland. One of the trip’s highlights was the episode where Ariel and fellow guest Mila Kunis tried on kilts. Ariel was also in a dinner scene with Craig, Rashida Jones and David Sedaris. I’m not sure Ariel knew who the fuck Sedaris was but he certainly admired her neck/back tattoo. Ariel seems to know a lot of stuff you wouldn’t, and at the same time not know things she maybe should. I find that absolutely attractive. And what’s it about her Eskimo/Fargo-ish accent? It’s becoming, that’s what. So should I be in love with Ariel Tweto? Yes. And so should you. By the way is Ferguson not the best late night talk show host? We loved his trip to France last year and Scotland didn’t disappoint. His conversational style is like no others. Perhaps one of his future trips will be to Ireland.

Ariel Tweto

Ariel Tweto, the Alaskan Princess

Ariel Tweto
Flying Wild while rockin’ the cool shades

Mila Kunis and Craig Ferguson

Mila shows what “The Pint Interviews” would look like.

Mila’s kilt and Craig’s…pants.