Just wrapped up an interview with beautiful and talented actress Michelle Morgan. Canadians know and lover her from that hit TV show Heartland. Americans who’ve discovered it (CW, Netflix) love it too. She also got to play the lead in a George Romero zombie film, Diary of the Dead. You might have seen her in an episode of The L Word, too, among other things. I told Michelle that I think she holds a great distinction amongst actors. She’s portrayed one of the few survivors of a Romero “Dead” film and she’s done the deed with Shane on L Word. She loves music and tells me her beer of choice (at least for that moment). I’m saving the official pic for the interview post but here are a few teases.

Also coming soon is the interview with film composer Nicholas Britell (New York, I Love You and SXSW 2012 Grand Jury Winner Gimme the Loot).

And much, much more.