The Dodgy stopped by Northalsted Market Days in Chicago last weekend and got “topped up.”

How about a CellBlock Beer?

Top up!

So I got myself a beer immediately after walking in. About a block later I saw some dodgy activity taking place on a balcony overlooking the street fest. I wanted take some pics with a new camera, purchased specifically for this wonderful site, but I had no where to place my beer cup. I asked this bloke if I could set it down on this “bar” while I snapped my pic. He asked if he could “top it up” for me  because I had taken a few sips from where I made the original purchase. “Hecks yea,” I said. So next year at Market Days buy all your beer at the CellBlock beer booth. I’ve never been to their bar/club, but I’m sure it’s interesting. You know who’s had this “topped up” action happen to them? Beautiful gals and handsome punks like Liffey. The Dodgy is popular with all walks of life.

The Chicago flag…being waved around or whatever at Market Days.

Lez Zeppelin at Market Days

Market Days food

I ran into a busker playing a fiddle on Broadway after the fest. He wasn’t keen on me taking his picture. He couldn’t speak, but he hid his face with the fiddle and I got the point. I could have been cheeky and taken one anyway, but people got in my way suddenly and then it didn’t matter. I told him in Ireland the buskers are photo friendly. He then pulled out a  tin whistle and did something on that. So if you see this mute musician busking there near the IHOP, give him a buck or two. I was lazy and sorta forgot to. And people got  in my way.