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Colts Cheerleaders offend territory of Northwest Indiana

Posted on August 31, 2013

Tourism officials in Northwest Indiana are up in a poo about a cheerleader calendar shoot. You see, the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders shot their 2013 season calendar on a beach in Michigan. For those in the unknown Indianapolis is the big city in Indiana – whose northwest region lies along Lake Michigan. Yet Indianapolis chose to the beaches of Lake Michigan in the actual state of Michigan as the backdrop for its bikini-clad Coltettes. The officials in NWI are upset because they say the Michigan shoot was a lost opportunity for gaining more fans in that part of the state. The Colts say it’s not so easy because league rules designate NWI as a marketing area for the Chicago Bears. Funny though, in 2005 when…

Aidan reviews Depeche Mode’s Chicago concert

Posted on August 25, 2013

Aidan, he of the Depeche Mode Facebook covers, attended the Depeche Mode concert in Chicago Aug. 24 and is here to give a micro review. We’ll start with the set list and comments following some of the titles. The songs performed from the new album Delta Machine are in bold and Aidan says they chose the right ones and were to be expected. “Welcome to My World” “Angel” “Walking in My Shoes” “Precious” “Black Celebration” “Policy of Truth” “Should Be Higher” – amazing “Barrel of a Gun” “Higher Love” (sung by Martin Gore) ~ could do without this acoustic slowed-down version of a song with a majestic build-up in its original form.  “Shake the Disease” (sung by Martin Gore) – enjoyed his “aaahhh-aahhha” parts…

The Depeche Mode Facebook Covers

Posted on August 14, 2013

Chicago reclusive author Clive Javanski was having custom book shelves installed in his new apartment and our friend Aidan came to help. Clive is still in Bucktown, but now he lives near Lottie’s Pub. It’s where the three of us went on a recent Monday to enjoy few lunchtime pints (Dos Equis on tap) and the taco special .  Aidan, who doesn’t live far but drove to Clive’s in order to bring work supplies and wood of some sort, bitched about the  “no parking” signs plastered around Lottie’s before he figured out they were for a different day and time. It turns out they were posted because the TV show Chicago Fire films scenes at Lottie’s, something I’d forgotten about if I knew it…