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The Young Martens – An Excerpt

Posted on December 21, 2014

An excerpt from The Young Martens – love, sex, loss and vigilantism of a secret Midwest fraternity.   “That’s a lot of beer, Irish.” “Yea Wyatt, it’s a lot of beer. It’s a lot of beer.” I’ve been in the basement of our “frat” home several times since I joined the group a week ago. I never knew there was a hidden storage area. Behind an old bar, actually, which was fitting since there were about 3 dozen cases of beer back there. “Yea it is, yea it certainly is,” said Wyatt, our leader, if you can call him that. No one had any real titles in this home, and we technically weren’t a frat. If anything we were an anti-frat. In a way…

Two Assholes and a Growler

Posted on November 19, 2014

One weekend earlier this month Aidan and I picked up a growler of Space IPA at Half Acre Brewery on Chicago’s north side. We decided on an experiment. With no advanced calls or texts, bring the growler unannounced to the places of friends or acquaintances and share it with the first one(s) who are home and willing.  And why in God’s name wouldn’t they be? It’s a growler of Space IPA for fuck’s sake. First stop (we had a car): Somewhere in Rogers Park where our mutual friend Ray lived. We couldn’t find parking. It was unseasonably frigid night, so walking far was out of the question. While driving around looking for a spot we spotted Ray, his girlfriend, and a few other people…

The Dodgy Instagram

Posted on October 28, 2014

While you’re waiting on the next essay, story, or interview, I thought I’d post some pics The Dodgy has taken recently. We have not done that in awhile and it’s also a reminder that there is an Instagram for The Dodgy.



Half Acre Growler of Space IPA. Pure liquid heaven.


My chair at Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop bar, New Orleans.


A couple walking in front of me on Bourbon Street. This New Orleans pics were taken during the last week of May.


Spent a lot of time at The Spotted Cat (seen often in “Treme”). Drank Abita Restoration Pale Ale there and the bartender was from the Chicago area.


Junkyard Dog in Gary, Indiana


Wall Mural on Miller Pizza in the Miller Beach community of Gary, Indiana.


The Shamrocks Motorcycle Club spotted in Chicago.

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