Auto Show employee: I bet you plan to take some cool pics of cars.

Aidan: I bet not.

And so began Aidan’s visit to the Chicago Auto Show. Aidan’s camera focused mainly on the fashion of the show. Unlike many visitors, especially males, Aidan doesn’t get a hard on for engine blocks. So in a timely nod to New York’s Fashion Week. Let’s get started. And remember, Aidan thinks “couture” is a disease you get in France.

Auto Show Fashion image

This first pic just reminds me of better things to come to McCormick Place. And that would be this April for C2E2 (Chicago’s Comic Con).

Auto-Show-Fashion girl picture

This gal broke into an impromptu dance. I love her hair. I had to include that guy’s reaction. The music around the show was uptempo – almost like it was piped in from a Boystown nightclub.

Auto Show Fashion camouflage

I noticed a lot of camouflage. And not “Duck Dynasty” morons. I’m talking about well-heeled folks. I wouldn’t wear these pants, but maybe this guy pulls them off. Interesting with the dress shoes and everything.

Auto Show Fashion Chicago

All the workers cleaning cars wore frumpy jumpsuits. I guess they were going for the hip garage mechanic look. Mostly, they all looked like hobos behind Dealey Plaza when Kennedy got shot.

Auto Show Fashion well dressed man

I dug this older dude’s look, especially the jacket. I just don’t understand the obsession with engine blocks.

Auto Show Fashion Dance pictureHere are some more cleaning people in jumpsuits only they’re dancing.

Auto Show Fashion Girl image

She’s not one of the car show models but an attractive attendee. I liked her look.

Auto Show Fashion image

Interesting shirt. Kind of like what a hip dress shirt would like in a Mad Max film. Jesus Christ the color of that car.

Auto Show Fashion tights image

I won’t date a girl who wears those nylons. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t.

Auto Show Fashion sweatshirt picture

Seriously? Who would buy this? Are you kidding me – $25? I might pay a few bucks at a resale shop and wear it around the house.

Auto Show Zombie picture

And another reminder that the much more fun C2E2 will be in this same building in two months.

Aidan Reviews Auto Show Fashion Observations

  • Women – enough with that eye makeup (on the outer eye) that makes you look like a cat. Enough.
  • The Toyota section smelled like puke, or ass. Ass puke.
  • I went with (mutual friend) Spider, who is one of those engine block assholes. I think he took 40 pics of different engine blocks.
  • I wore some new jeans that made my ass look even better than it already is.
  • The long walk from the cheap parking lots is cold, dumpy, and shitty. They need to fix that.

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