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Nichole Bloom and Jeremy Allen White in “Shameless”

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With each passing episode on what has been the highest rated season of Shameless many viewers are growing more curious about the actress who plays Amanda – Lip’s college roommate’s (former) girlfriend.

Amanda – who was originally disgusted by Lip. Amanda – a book smart who knows her way around a beer bong. Amanda – who has this thing about sex, can babysit in a pinch, and is the go-to girl for making and laminating your daily schedule, not to mention tagging your name on the dorm mini-fridge.

The Dodgy’s next interview is a fun one with actress Nichole Bloom who talks about playing Amanda and how the character has become more featured throughout the season.

In addition to other roles like her lead in the indie drama Model Minority we’ll discover Bloom’s idea of a perfect date (“I can be in the back alley of a punk venue where it smells like piss and have a great time”), beverage of choice, and movie recommendation.

Shameless is renowned for its great female characters. We’re about to meet the actress behind one of them.

Here’s a little preview of Nichole talking about being on Shameless:

“Having been used to working on films where a character’s story on-screen is given to you all at once, working on Shameless has been a really rewarding experience because I got to be surprised by the writing and find out new story lines and details about my character from week to week as new episodes were created. The more I’ve gotten to know Amanda, the more I’ve come to love playing her.” 

Nichole Bloom is Amanda in Shameless image

Nichole Bloom (photo: Betsy Newman)

The main interview, Being “Shameless” with Nichole Bloom is now up. So like, go there.