In no particular order of appearance, here’s what’s coming to The Dodgy

The Young Martens

Life, love, and death within a college (secret) fraternity.

The Asshole Book Club Part 3

The assholes got together again recently with two new additions. Things happened.

Ms. Weregun

It’s not every day, and not very normal, when you see a coffin being carried out of your three-flat apartment building by three buff boys in daisy duke shorts. Unless you live in my building and your upstairs neighbor is Ms. Weregun. (Now Up!)

City Babes

An interview with actresses Cora Benesh and Jillian Leigh on their new well-received indie film City Baby. The typical Dodgy interview where we find out things like if the duo was a band, what kind of band would they be? City Baby will have worldwide distribution through iTunes ( and other VOD platforms for release on April 22. (Article will be up Friday April 25).

Jillian Leigh and Cora Benesh image

Jillian Leigh and Cora Benesh of “City Baby”