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The Asshole Book Club – Final

Posted on September 28, 2014

The Asshole Book Club has reached a point where it no longer brings books to the party. To quote Aidan, “I don’t have fuckin’ time to read.” Aidan was never much of a reader. What he most enjoys reading is the upcoming band list at The Empty Bottle. I like to read, and write, and Chicago reclusive author Clive Javanski and host of this final Book Club likes to do both. Lately we’ve all been bringing more writing than reading material. Even Aidan, who the last time brought a short story he wrote on his about a much older Chicago tour guide he, in his words, “banged.” So from hence forth these gatherings will be known as “The Asshole Writer’s Club.” For our final…

I Kissed A Girl With Armpit Hair

Posted on September 4, 2014

I went to meet Randall, a guy who claims to have been part of a mysterious cult based in Chicago and nearby Northwest Indiana. Their “base” was mostly along the lakefront shared by both states. A house on the lakefront there, a cottage on the lakefront here, etc. And a couple of high rise apartments along Lakeshore Drive. Everything was looking out towards Lake Michigan. On the phone Randall said he believed the cult (he wouldn’t tell me their name, if they had one) numbered about 30. Supposedly in April they headed off on small boats on Lake Michigan during a storm and disappeared. On purpose, Randall said. Now I’m going to save a lot of this cult stuff for a future post, because…