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September Girls

Posted on February 12, 2015

They’re girls. They rock. They’re from Dublin. They kick my ass and yours. What else is there to know? Here’s their new interview on The Dodgy. September Girls are Lauren, Paula, Caoimhe, Jessie, and Sarah. This interview is with Lauren. How did the band form?  Paula, Caoimhe, Jessie and I are all old friends, and have made music together in various incarnations over the years. Paula met Sarah in 2011 through another project and suggested she drum with us. She was the perfect fit so we officially formed September Girls in – surprise surprise – September of that year. What’s been your favorite place to play live and why? I think my favourite gig so far has to be our last gig at CMJ…

UK Grief walks into a bar

Posted on February 1, 2015

“Hide the fuckin’ alcohol, here comes UK Grief” Yours truly, Chicago reclusive author Clive Javanski, Aidan, Franz, and Sasha are the local band UK Grief. We had plans to record our debut album in various Chicago dive bars. But plans go to shit. We wanted to record our first single, “Fuck Anne Hathaway’s Short Hair” at Mickey’s in Bucktown, but they closed down, it turns out. The bar on the corner of Leavitt and Medill had what one would call either the best or worst jukebox in Chicago. Once I was there and a van caught on fire outside the bar. It ended up with Aidan and I chasing a car down Leavitt, throwing rocks at it. That story is for another time. The…