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UK Grief’s St. Pat’s Loft Gig

Posted on March 17, 2015

On Saturday night UK Grief played a St. Pat’s gig at the same Chicago Wicker Park loft of its “first and last gig.” Being Irish, I’m like the vampire that takes Halloween off. It’s amateur hour. All the amateurs come out wearing their “Kiss Me I’m Irish” buttons (who still wears buttons?) and stupid green Leprechaun hats. I did have a Pot ‘o Gold, however – growler of  Half Acre Space IPA that I treated myself. It was the only thing I carried in with me to the loft. We were back. UK Grief – myself, Chicago reclusive author Clive Javanski (keyboards), Aidan (bass), Franz (guitar), and Sasha (percussion and vocals). I didn’t even know we’d be doing this gig as recent as Friday. My…

Happy Birthday Asshole

Posted on March 7, 2015

It was my birthday last week. My friend Aidan brought me a growler of Half Acre Space IPA. “Happy Birthday Asshole,” he said. It was the same thing he said to me in junior high at our Chicago Catholic school after bringing me a bag of unconsecrated hosts from the church sacristy. “Happy Birthday Asshole.” I had just opened the growler when my neighbor, Ms. Weregun, knocked on me door. She had a birthday present for me. It was a cat litter box. “But I don’t have a cat,” I said. “Well get one, asshole,” she said. My first birthday after college an attractive but somewhat worn-looking girl knocked on my apartment door. Underneath her long coat was a cheerleading uniform. She was some…