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Kiss Me and Throw a Record at My Head

Posted on April 18, 2015

Some vinyl stories in honor of Record Store Day. When I first moved into my basement apartment in Bucktown on Medill St. the previous occupant left me a 12-inch record with a note attached reading, “new tenant – like this shit.” That shit was a 12-inch remix on vinyl of Sinead O’Connor’s “Jump in the River.” The precious, provocative version with dirty-mouthed Karen Finley. The one where she asks, “Mother, do you have a prick?” I insisted that she masturbate me The apartment had a little concrete entrance and nailed to the wall was the record. I took the record out and left the album cover because it made great art (Sinead looking bad-assery in black Doc Martens, shaved head). Luckily I had just purchased a…

UK Grief’s Non-Record Release Party

Posted on April 8, 2015

Or “Angie’s Eye” UK Grief’s Non-Record Release Party was held at Chicago reclusive author (and keyboardist) Clive Javanski’s new Logan Square Apartment. Clive still had his place near Quencher’s Saloon in Bucktown, but purchased this as some kind of investment. “A few years ago a strung-out coke whore was probably giving a two-dollar blow job in this exact spot,” Clive said. “But now we have Diamond-Eyes David Catzman in her place, sipping a Cuba Libre and wearing ruby red boots.” I was never really sure who Catzman knew in our group, but he always showed up for a party. Catzman is what Aidan calls “a bi-guy,” which might explain why he has a gorgeous girlfriend with him yet grabs my ass in the kitchen.…