The last time I was at a concert with Aidan it was a year ago to see Warpaint at Thalia Hall in Pilsen. You can read Aidan’s review of that show here. In August we attended the Depeche Mode Global Spirit Tour at whatever-the-hell they are calling it theater in Tinley Park, a southwestern suburb of Chicago. And wouldn’t you know it, Warpaint was the opening act.

I also joined Aidan to see Depeche Mode the last time they were in town. You can read that review here.

So introductory song this year was “Revolution” by the Beatles. It was cool, but the intro song used to be one of their own instrumentals, usually from whatever album they had out that year.

Aidan: I was in line for beer when that shit started. Some dude in front of me thought it was a Pearl Jam song.

Me: The opening song, Backwards, is one of the strongest on the new Spirit album.

Aidan: It was all good. Martin sounded great. I liked his performance and song selection better than the last time they were here. He did “Somebody.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard that in concert since I’ve been seeing them.

Me: I liked “A Question of Lust” but it was more of an acoustic version. I love and it needs that sweeping synth that the recorded version has.

Aidan: “Barrel of a Gun” kicked all our asses. So did “Corrupt.”

Me: Have you ever seen the “Corrupt” video featuring the cast of True Blood?

Aidan: Fuck no.

Me: “Wrong” was great too. But not a big fan of them covering “Heroes” by David Bowie. They could have substituted one of their own songs. Maybe an older one that has rarely been played live.

Aidan: During that entire song I was in line for an $8 warm bottle of water.

Me: How about that opening act though, Warpaint. Talented, great songs, and I’d marry any one of them.

Aidan: I thought it was Haim that opened.

Me: You know damn well it was Warpaint. We saw them last September in Pilsen at Thalia Hall. Great show. Great venue.

Aidan: I really can’t stand World Theater or Bank Theater or Casino Theater or whatever they call that Tinley joint. But it is easy to smoke a joint there.

Me: Cheers.