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Bartender Poet

Posted on August 15, 2017

  Went to Cincinnati recently. The Queen City welcomed a joker like me. I took my friend Mosquito with. It was just for one night. It was to meet a girl I know there, Shay. I didn’t take Mosquito to see Shay, whom I met at this bar called The Blind Pig. I had a couple craft beers that were local. I forget what Shay had, other than her cute lips, black curls and long legs. If things had gone with Shay the way I wanted them too, I probably would not have ended up at Madonna’s Bar & Grill, some watering hole downtown. I had a brilliant egg sandwich thing. And I was treated to brilliant, gritty poetry by Scott the gruff bartender.…

One Night In Pilsen

Posted on May 2, 2017

There have been many nights in Pilsen, this is just one. It began with a moody tongue and ended with an ass spanked. I met Aidan, Chicago reclusive author Clive Javanski, and Femke at Clive’s new place in Pilsen. It was late March but Clive, who moved there in December, still had mistletoe hanging in his kitchen hallway. I wanted to kiss Femke underneath it, but she only wanted to strangle me with it (Femke means “woman of peace”). I haven’t seen Femke for a few years, since before I left for Ireland. I thought I had made peace with everyone who was mad at me here when I left for Dublin several years ago. But I forgot about Femke. I don’t remember what…