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Talking “Treme” with Davis Rogan

Posted on June 15, 2014

“To be a fly on the wall for that fucking thing” If you’re going to interview Davis Rogan at a small  table outside Three Muses on Frenchmen Street between his sets expect interruptions. There was one guy, who I’m not really sure what he wanted. I think it was money. But Rogan explained to him what he was earning for his gig and the man was off. A few fans walked by with a “great job” (to Rogan, not me) or “love you/love your music.”  Another passerby asked Rogan where Adolfo’s was (above the Apple Barrel, also featured in Treme).  “Alex Chilton and I used to eat at Adolfo’s often,” Rogan says. Then legendary cornetist Jack Fine walks by. Rogan asks him to sit…

City Babes

Posted on April 25, 2014

Cora Benesh and Jillian Leigh co-star in the new film City Baby. Produced by Benesh, who co-wrote it with director David Morgan, City Baby follows Cloey (Benesh) and her friend Paige (Leigh) during a summer in Portland when both twenty-somethings face life-changing decisions. The film is now available on VOD and iTunes. The Dodgy spoke with Cora and Jillian about the film, guys, beer, dates, what kind of band they would be and more.  What made you want to do City Baby? Cora: Morgan and I met and wanted to work on a project together. We both had a few unfinished scripts but writing this one together seemed to make the most sense. We also love Portland and wanted to showcase the city the way…

Being “Shameless” with Nichole Bloom

Posted on April 6, 2014

She played the lead role in the indie drama Model Minority. She was in the party film Project X. She appeared in Teen Wolf. But it’s Nichole Bloom’s scene-stealing turn as Amanda on Shameless that has many viewers asking, “Who’s that girl?” Amanda. Lip’s college roommate’s girlfriend. When we first meet Amanda she won’t include Lip in study group and refused to share Hot Pockets with him (“only have two”). But before long she leaps across the dorm room to Lip’s bed. More importantly it’s her help with the books and the babysitting that allows Lip to deal with another Gallagher family crisis. In a recent episode when Lip is asked whose car he’s driving, he replies, “It’s Amanda’s. She’s sorta my, uh…I don’t…