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Writing and Drinking in Pilsen

Posted on July 25, 2016

Last week I did some lunchtime writing, drinking, and eating (for the book version of this site) outside at the patio at Dusek’s Board & Beer in Pilsen. That was me, the pale, handsome, Irish-American guy walking down 18th Street holding journals in one hand and holding up my belt-less jeans with the other. They were falling down, what can I say? I met a pretty Chinese girl from Bridgeport at Dusek’s. She had nice arms and a perfect handwriting (and drawing skills). More on that in a future post. Anyway, I came across this little chain link fence art display while there. Actually it looks like a memorial of some sort. More stories and interviews coming very soon (latest essay is right around the corner). The Dodgy is also planning a trip to New Orleans next month. Things will happen. Cheers.



A Pint and a Cat

Posted on July 9, 2016


A pint of Revolution Brewing Anti-Hero and a stray cat on a warm Chicago afternoon.

It’s Spring, It’s Chicago, It’s Beer

Posted on May 21, 2016

Just a few beers The Dodgy has been drinking this spring while working on book.


Big Easy IPA from Abita

The Big Easy IPA from Abita Brewing in New Orleans. Drinking this reminded me of my last trip to New Orleans and meeting musician Davis Rogan and actor James DuMont, both from the HBO David Simon series “Treme.” DuMont is coming to Chicago in June and we’re supposed to hook up for a few pints. Cheers.


Aleister American IPA (I think) at Haymarket Brewery

Spent a recent warm spring day in Chicago at Haymarket Brewing in the west loop. I believe this is the Aleister American IPA. Why the shitty memory? Let’s just say I was with a lovely freelance journalist who looked like Greta Gerwig and things got dodgy after we left. I do remember giving her a piggy back ride down Halsted. Good day, good girl, good beer.



Devil’s Pride at Route 2 Brews

For this one I left the confines of Bucktown and traveled south to a newer brewery in Lowell, Indiana. Devil’s Pride IPA is a strong fucker, but delicious. This place has some interestingly named beers. One is Leg Spreader, which the painting on the wall to the right of the beer depicts. It features a woman with her legs spread holding a beer down there. They also have an IPA called Munkey Junk.


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