The festival beer garden season is underway. We’ve already been to several in Chicago, where there is basically one every weekend (and sometimes during the week) through October. One of the first ones in NWI is the Crown Point Corn Roast which was held downtown on Main Street June 17.

We dropped by and spent a little time there but alas, have no photos for this one. It’s too bad ’cause we would have liked to have captured in an image the tall, comely brunette amongst those serving the beers.

The Roast folk kept the drink selection simple:

$4 for a 16-ounce Miller Lite and $5 for a Mike’s Lemonade.

It was crowded on a warm night and the guy-gal ratio was about 60-40. If you went in looking for a hook-up you’d find most of the gals attended with a significant other. Attractive? For the most part.

Our female compatriot rated the guys in attendance at a 6 (hey, she’s picky. Not too fond of unkempt chin hair).

Just a note: We skipped the Queen’s Fest in Michigan City this  year. Last year was…meh. Lots and lots of bad hair and atrocious dancing. On top of that some douche was arrested for masturbating by the ferris wheel.