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Cracker at the Popcorn Fest

Posted on August 31, 2011

The alternative rock, folksy, pyschtrippy, alt-country band Cracker is the main stage entertainment at Valparaiso’s Popcorn Festival Sept. 10. I bet you ask most Northwest Indiana folks who these guys are and they don’t know. Oh sure, the music community might. But I don’t think Valpo-ites and fellow NWI Hoosiers really appreciate what they’ve got that night. A true kick-ass band. Been around since the early ’90s. A lot of people will know, when they hear them (assuming they perform them) their songs “Teen Angst” and “Low.” Liffey’s personal favorite is “The Good Life” (1998) and “Be My Love” (2000). The boys also put out an alt-country cover album (except for one song) in ’03 called Countrysides. By the way this isn’t the band’s…

Celtic/Irish rock, beer and bags at the Hobart Lakefront Festival

Posted on August 23, 2011

I’m partial to the music performed during last Sunday’s final of the Hobart Lakefront Festival. A region band, New Element, played their Celtic/Irish rock selections for a whopping four hours (4-8 p.m.) under the bandshell near the wonderful Jaycees beer garden. Lots of interesting characters stopped by the lakefront, like this guy. Nothing like a drinking contest amongst lakefront ladies to make it an entertaining beer garden. It’s not an NWI beer garden without a relaxed old guy drinking. The younger man was wearing a kilt, though hard to tell in the pic. He’s a local bagpiper. Jacyees Bags/Beer Tent On another note, we checked out Annunciata Fest on Chicago’s East Side the night before. Close enough to NWI (Whiting) so it sorta counts.…

Report: Lawmaker sought ‘really good time’ online

Posted on August 12, 2011

Report: Lawmaker sought ‘really good time’ online. Ok, he’s not a rep. from Northwest Indiana (but had some dealings involving local reps that involved the area) but this asshole state lawmaker supposedly tried to touch a young man’s pee-pee in Indianapolis. This dick is one of those anti-gay  marriage pols too. Freakin’ perv…lock him up where he’ll get lots of pee-pees to dwidle.