So according to Wikipedia, Freak Shows were popular in this country in the mid 19th to mid 20th centuries and mostly associated with carnivals and circuses. It also says that “changes in popular culture and entertainment, and changing attitudes about physical differences, led to the decline of the freak show as a form of entertainment.”

Well not at the Lake County Fair in Crown Point, Indiana this August.  You won’t read about this in any of the fair brochures or preview stories.

The devil child has come to Crown Point. You can either hide it, or help someone try to stop it.

Misty the Mermaid awaits you…just steps from the Ferris wheel. Not sure what girls going wild have to do with Misty.

The menu of fun. Big Dick the Giant Frog I’m told is the highlight. Really though, some of this can be seen walking around Crown Point’s Square on a late weekend night when the bars close down.

Corn Head Guy sounds like he would be part of the Freak Show tent trailer but instead he was shucking for customers at the sweet corn booth.

Next time I think we’ll do a photo/fashion collection of the carnies working the games.

The fair was filled with some pretty and good. Like this gal, definitely not a freak, who performed during the Indiana 105.5 FM Texaco Country Showdown.

Her name is either Crystal Ann or Krystal Ann from Dyer. She performed a song with lyrics along the lines of “You got a girlfriend and I’ve got a girl.” Not sure if that’s her original or what but she’s pretty good.  The finals are Aug. 14. I bet she’ll be there.

By the way I didn’t enter the freak show tent trailer. I was entertained enough on the outside.