What was all the fuss about Bridesmaids?  I finally just watched it.

The problem with Bridesmaids is that there’s NOT ENOUGH Bridesmaids. The hilariously funny scenes with the Bridesmaids (the movie’s title, get it?) were interrupted way too much by Kristen Wiig and her “whoa is me” whiny bullshit.

Honestly, I wanted to see more of Melissa McCarthy shitting in a sink (“It’s coming out of me like lava!”). How much funnier had the film been with more scenes like the ‘trying on the dresses’ and airplane one. I’m all for a little romance and shite like that (my fav. film is “Love Actually”) but was not expecting it in this film, especially with Wiig. The poster is a little misleading, eh?

And they blew it at the end by not having The Dan Band perform at the wedding (“Old School,” “The Hangover”). No, we get Wilson Phillips lip-synching a song I didn’t really want to hear again.

Missed you at the "Bridesmaids" wedding, Dan Band

That said, Rose Byrne was nice to look at.

A rose is a rose...