I was flipping through Chicago radio stations the other day and twice came upon Stevie Nicks’ “Edge of Seventeen” in the period of 30 minutes. That’s just ridiculous. Surprisingly, one of the accused wasn’t WXRT, which I rail on quite often because supposedly they’re cool and eclectic but really aren’t. Sure, they have a fine alternative HD feed but unless you own one of those radios or aren’t too far from the source you ain’t hearing that music. Point is, that should be their No. 1 music feed and what they currently provide on 93.1 should be the “No. 2” station. But HD radio is for another discussion.

Bad, Chicago radio, bad.

Sometimes I even think the small, NWI station Z107.1 is more eclectic. ‘Xrt, for example, thinks Adele’s only song is “Rolling in the Deep.” The Hoosier station has been spinning (what I think is more superior) the Brit’s “Set Fire to the Rain.”

As I write this I’m listening online to Radio Free Santa Fe. I’m hearing Rebelution’s “Sky is the Limit.” One of the many tunes you won’t find on Chicago radio. I discovered the station while driving through New Mexico on the way to Vegas.

So lately I’ve been listening to those guys and Erin’s Chill from bigrradio.com.

Here’s a few songs recently played from the two stations that I find becoming and want to re-visit.

Here’s a sample:

Olive – Indulge Me
Sufjan Stevens – I Walked
BT – Satellite
Sarah Blasko – Cinders
Trespassers William  – Vapour Trail
The Waifs –  London Still
Oh Land –  Wolf and I
Dan Black –  Let Go
Flunk –  Personal Stereo
Chairlift –  Amanamnesia
Leonard Cohen – Everybody Knows
B-52s – Funplex

Chairlift’s “Amanamnesia”