Ask Liffey, part 1.

What kind of beer do you like?

First, let me say I’m not a beer expert and despise beer snobbery. I drink what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes it’s a can of  MGD at a summer barbecue. Sometimes I like Harp. I had one recently at a fake Irish bar in the area and rather enjoyed it.

The most recent six-pack I purchased was Robert The Bruce by Three Floyds in Munster. Sometimes I like dark beer, sometimes I like light. If it’s a party I’ll pretty much drink anything offered except maybe for Meister Brau. And even then you never know.

What kind of gal do you fancy?

I’m partial to brunettes but it’s like my beer – whatever I’m in the mood for. Even at a party – whatever is offered to me, unless she’s drinking Meister Brau. But even then you never know. One of the things on my bucket list is to frolic with a Singapore flight attendant.

Speaking of gals, where will one find the most attractive and interesting ones?

If it’s NWI, I’d have to say Crown Point and Valparaiso. In Chicago, no doubt it’s Bucktown. Lots of cute hippie princesses.

What’s a new song that has your interest?

“Bad Girls” by M.I.A.

Your favorite James Bond?

Timothy Dalton

What’s a little-known movie you’ve recently enjoyed?

Last Night with Keira Knightley

What’s your favorite movie-watching experience?

Seeing Dazed and Confused at the Brew and View in Chicago.

What’s a random observation of yours at the moment?

Why is it, in cinema and TV, every time a character is vomiting in a toilet they’re grasping the bowl like it’s the Holy Grail? Meh…that’s gross.

If you can have a pint with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, what’s one question you’d ask of him?

I’d ask him what’s one thing about his wife he’ll always find adorable.

Strangest rumour you’ve heard?

That there was supposed to be a TV series based on Schindler’s List starring John Ritter as Oskar Schindler.