The Chicago Tribune had a story the other day about the last remaining row houses in what was the notorious public housing project Cabrini-Green.

They posted a timeline about the high-rises including events in its nearly 70-year history that brought nationwide attention to this part of Chicago.

I believe they left something out. Something that might have brought the most attention, whether it be negative or not, to the projects than anything else.

1992 – Candyman.

Here’s the Trib timeline:

Good Times, seriously? But no Candyman? A critically acclaimed film and the only of its kind to use those shithole projects as its setting? Good Times was SET at Cabrini-Green. Candyman was set and filmed there.

Maybe the Trib was afraid to say or write his name. But it’s OK…just as long as it’s not done five times in front of a mirror.

Candyman preyed on Cabrini-Green residents in the Bernard Rose directed film. Virginia Madsen’s grad student character got caught in the mix, or rather, the bonfire those residents set to put an end to the creepy floating guy with the hook.

I thought this film showed the residents of Cabrini in a rather brave, “all together” now sorta light. Especially during the fire and the funeral ending.

The soundtrack by Philip Glass kicked arse, too.

If this were the Onion they probably would have put the Candyman events in the timeline as if they really happened. At least it would have gotten a mention.

As if Cabrini-Green wasn’t scary enough

Some killer graffiti in Cabrini-Green

This was a well-made film. One of the best of any filmed in Chicago, I’d argue.

A good sequel could have tied into the destruction of the projects with reference to Candyman being a reason.