First, my beer of choice as I write this is Brooklyn Winter Ale. My music of choice is the new Sinead O’Connor, How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?

Now…because there aren’t enough reality television shows, two new ones have popped up. Swamp People and Doomsday Preppers. It used to be where the only reality show I knew of was the one that’s still on about assholes on some island.

Now they’re scouring the four corners of the globe to film real folks in unscripted dramatics and funnyisms.

Swamp People - History Channel

Are these your neighbors? National Geographic Channel

It’s time for one of these shows to hit Northwest Indiana and/or Chicago.

I have some ideas.

Hoosier Brew

Breweries are popping up all over the country. There are several in Northwest Indiana alone: Three Floyds, Crown Brewing, Figure 8 Brewing, Shoreline, Bulldog Brewing, etc.

Hoosier Brew would follow these brewers, their employees, and nutty customers. We’d probably get to see some cool behind-the-scenes action and most brewers have colorful personalities. The one at Floyds is named Barnaby so that’s a good start. Hell, the show could spend a couple episodes alone on the world-famous Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds.

Dark Lord Day at 3Floyds source -


This hasn’t been done? Vendors would follow the working and personal lives of those who shill hotdogs, beer and peanuts for the White Sox and Cubs. I hope they don’t run this the same night as Swamp People as viewers might get confused. Swamp People at the ballpark.

Bucktown Babes

Kind of like a cross between Sex and the City and the new HBO show Girls – both of which have a NY setting. This reality show would have a hip Chicago neighborhood setting and be a sorta like “The Real L Word” but with a lusty combination of lesbian and straight chicks. I’d adore this show more if they film scenes in the exquisite Quenchers Saloon on Western & Fullerton.

Liquor Men

I thought of this after writing that post about the Crash Test Dummies looking-dude who works at Booze Liquors. This show would follow liquor store owners and workers and all the bullshittery they deal with.

The Radissons

All taking place at the Radisson Hotel, Northwest Indiana’s version of the Chateau Marmont, The Radissons are the workers at the hotel, the theatre, the coffee shop, Irish bar, comedy club and whatever the hell else is in there.

I see some cross-over possibilities here.