Oscars…whatever. You can’t win with the critics. Doesn’t matter who’s hosting. Someone’s always bitching.

Tim Goodman at Hollywood Reporter, or is it EW, I forget, wants Chris Rock to host. That’s original. Not sure what he did exactly the last time he hosted that makes you want to say, “Yea, let’s bring him back.”

We used to have a drinking game – every time Chris Rock joked about race, we drank. We got pretty drunk.

I like Chris Rock. I prefer him to Eddie Murphy, who dropped out as host. Some wished he hadn’t. But is he that different from Billy Crystal? If you’re talking demographics and the hip factor, maybe Eddie would have been the choice in 1985.

Also, is it just me or does there seem to be a lot of over-the-top applause for black nominees/presenters/whatever at the Oscars. It’s sorta weird and uncomfortable.

I thought that Viola chick would have won the best actress Oscar too. But at least Meryl’s win offered at least one surprise in the evening. Personally I would have liked to have seen Rooney Mara win, ’cause, she’s got that cool creepy thing going.

If you’re pining for a black host, the one choice has to be Donald Glover from Community. Hip, young, black, funny. There ya go.

Now for the Irish.

The Irish win

No surprise one of the best speeches was courtesy of Terry George and his daughter Oorlagh (lovin’ that) after winning for their live action short The Shore.

I’m all for an all black and Irish only Oscar telecast next year.

Other Academy Award thoughts:

The gay dean from Community won an Oscar!

I’ve got no problem with Angelina’s thigh. Listening to Chicago radio talk shows today, a lot of Midwest soccer moms called in complaining about how skinny Brad’s woman is.

Milla Jovovich looked good. So did Natalie Portman. And Rose Byrne.

Flight of the Conchords won an Oscar!

Who was the hot violinist in the balcony?

My host choices:

Seth Rogen

Donald Glover (and Abed)

Craig Ferguson

Jimmy Fallon

Tina Fey or Kristen Wiig

Louis CK

Conan O’Brien

Sarah Silverman

The cast of The League or It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia