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The Kissing Booth

Posted on February 10, 2012

Once I attended a fundraiser for a theater on Chicago’s north side. I knew some of the actors through a mutual friend and decided to help out a good cause and I knew a keg would be there. And theater girls. You can’t be shy around these creatures, they’ll blow you out of the water. They have a lot more “ya-ha” moments than your typical cheerleader types.  I discovered that in high school. There was a carnival theme to the fundraiser. You buy your tickets and use them at various “attractions” like food, games and whatever the hell else they had in there. The only things I was attracted to were the keg and…the kissing booth. I thought these things didn’t exist. But here it…

The Invitation

Posted on February 6, 2012

I threw a party at my Chicago apartment once. It was sorta a going away bash, before shit hit the fan and I lost the girl, job and apartment. I made an invitation for the party and I was drunk when I wrote it. It turned out it was kind of a hit with some of the guests. Two gals said the posted it on their refrigerator. I’ll explain the title at the end. VCN RASTA PARTY SHIT HAPPENS this Saturday. On this date you will come to this address: 0000 W. Medill Apt. B, as in the garden apt. for you fuckers who may not know. Bring whatever the #!!#$@!! you want, just as long as it’s not one of those asshole kids.…

The Touch

Posted on February 4, 2012

Like I promised…inspired by Anna Kendrick’s “touch” scenes from 50/50. Those little scenes resonated with me…I’m posting a few personal experiences of “the touch.” It’s a rare time you’ll see something semi-sweet here. Angela’s her name – I’ve mentioned her before. We dated briefly but mostly she was the “I’ll always be your friend” type. Once we were going on break together and I was complaining of a cold or something, or having a sickness and swollen glands. Angela started touching around my neck to see. I quite enjoyed it so like the Indiana Jones/Marian boat scene in “Raiders” I told her to check “here, or there…maybe here” on my neck. It made me feel better. Another Angela highlight: in the back office, when…