I watched the first season of Glee and liked it. After that it seemed to veer off course, or at least the course I wanted it to take. Sometimes I still catch an occasional episode or two and there’s something that’s always intrigued me.

The cheerleaders wear their uniforms to school every day.

Glee Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders at my high school wore their uniforms only on Fridays. I guess I’m not really bothered by the Glee wardrobe choice, just maybe jealous my cheerleaders only chose the one day.

In biology class my teacher assigned this freckled brunette girl Heidi as my partner. That meant we shared a table with two chairs for an entire semester. It also meant that I would never cut Friday’s class because….Heidi was a cheerleader. Miss the chance to be that close to the blue and white skirt and sweater on beautiful pale skin of one Heidi? Hecks no.

I wish I can say Heidi and I hooked up that term. No, but she would show off an occasional bump or bruise on her legs from cheer mishaps. She would even take my hand and say, “feel this – does it seem normal?”

I have dated my share of cheerleaders. My first girlfriend, in junior high, was not only the only Mexican girl in school but she was a cheerleader. So I’ve been into cheerleaders, yes. But eventually I found theater chicks and hippie singers sexier.

I never thought cheerleaders have been accurately portrayed on television or film. And usually when they are the uniforms don’t look quite right. Too cheesy. Hellcats is the most recent and it focused on college cheerleaders. It’s been canceled. I never cared for the cheerleader in Heroes.

I liked Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst in the original Bring It On (Kirsten also rocked a tennis outfit in Wimbledon).

I remember once there was a Twin Peaks episode, season two, where they had these cheerleaders walking around the Great Northern Hotel. For no apparent reason.

I faintly recall Tia and Tamera rockin’ green and gold cheer unis in an episode of Sister Sister and not looking too shabby.

The list is endless. I’m not gonna start naming shows and gals like Minka Kelly and Ali Larter, etc. There are blogs devoted to just that.

In Chicago I always found Depaul University cheerleaders to be cute. Plus I worked/lived near campus and saw quite a few of them (and dated one). Loyola, Northwestern, Ok I guess. Purdue not bad and Valpo – well except for their occasional brown uniforms they’re swell. A friend of mine once said any gal would look good in a cheerleading uniform. I disagree somewhat. And  you can actually say that about any kind of  uniform.

I thought Brit Marling was sexy as  hell in the janitor outfit she wore in Another Earth.

Brit Marling in "Another Earth"