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Free Winona

Posted on March 21, 2012

It’s nwidodgy fashion week! Inspired by, and from my 25 cent purchase of an Old Navy sweater at a local thrift store, I’ve decided to highlight some fashion. Old, new, whatever. For starters, this is a favorite T-shirt of mine. In honor of Winona Ryder following her theft charge and arrest in the early 2000s, I believe.

They brought their legs to the parade

Posted on March 19, 2012

$3 Guinness pints is not a bad way to start St. Pat’s weekend. That would be T.J. Maloney’s Irish Pub in Merrillville on Friday night with the kilt-wearing band Highland Reign. I was surprised it was a legit pint. Usually those $3 Guinness deals means a small cup. So well done Maloney’s. Sigh, I missed Chicago for St. Pat’s but Crown Point on Saturday was the next best thing. The only city/town/whatever in Chicagoland that hosted a nighttime parade. The parade passed through the historic downtown square but it was just out of sight for me as I was perched on the patio bar of Zodiac Cafe and Lounge just north of the action. Guinness was either out of stock or missing so I…

New York Minutes

Posted on March 12, 2012

Call it nycdodgy. So I spent last weekend in New York City and this is one of the asshats I came across. Of course I gave him the loose change I had. How could I not. He’s an honest fuck. Overheard from the cute, ginger-haired, long-legged flight attendant on the plane from Chicago: “I love your mascara.” “I love your sweater skirt.” “My mom was asking me about Facebook. I said, ‘ma, don’t go on Facebook. You can barely work a smartphone.’ ” She also talked about wanting more hours and explained to some douche passenger the rules of electrical device shut-off. “There was a study….plus we want your full attention.” Well, she had mine. I even took my headphones off to give her…