Cleaning out the snaps from the mobile (Blackberry) in anticipation of the iPhone 4 with the loveable Siri. That and a few others on my computer I’ve recently collected. And here they are.

Irish Princess

Irish Princess

This one I think I got from The Sartorialist. I call her the “Irish Princess.” What a beaut. That hair color. And the classic style. I’m in love.

Another beautiful (and smart) gal:

Lisa Ling

Lisa Ling signing for me a copy of her great book Somewhere Inside that she co-wrote with her equally becoming sister Laura. I probably could have snagged a pic with her. I flaked out. Dammit.

Double Door in Chicago

Now that’s a band name

The marquee from Chicago’s great Double Door. About 10 years or so ago that marquee read “The Rolling Stones” when those boys did a show there.

And here’s what I think would be a great read from Californication‘s Hank Moody.

Hank Moody Fucking & Punching in Californication

This pic is from the future – Liffey’s daughter?

Little girl drinking Guinness

She’s got Guinness

I miss Lost.

Lost on ABC

Dudes, babes, guns, water

And finally:

Double Rainbow in Chicago

Somewhere Over the Rainbows

A double rainbow, Chicago’s far south side.