A typical Liffey weekend at a local pub? Yes. But this blog title shares that of a cool INXS song. One you’re not likely to hear on WXRT-FM (93.1) in Chicago. Or any local station, for that matter.

I like to touch on the uninspiring playlist of ‘xrt once in awhile. Because I know they can do better. I punched them up today during an afternoon drive and my ears were assaulted once again with “Devil Inside” by INXS.

INXS has a lot of good songs. Quite a deep catalogue. And yet xrt only knows a few of their top 40 old tunes like “Devil.”

Does anybody there care? You think someone might say, “Hey guys, instead of playing this song yet again how about something else from the Aussie rockers?  I know I would.

Here are three, for starters:    “Elegantly Wasted”     “Original Sin”     “Kiss The Dirt”

Is it really that difficult?

How about shocking listeners by giving them “Slide Away” – the becoming Michael Hutchence solo tune featuring Bono?


What made matters worse was the fact that they spun the old and tired “Roxanne” from the Police almost immediately after.

Meh. Thank Guinness for Internet and satellite radio.

Xrt also, for its annual April Fool’s Day trick, played an hour of ELO music as if it were to be a weekly program. I have nothing to say of that. Glad I didn’t catch it. What would have been funny is if they jettisoned their tired playlist for the day and spun a more eclectic and deeper catalogue of tunes. Then announce “April Fool’s!” and get back to Floyd, Zeppelin and alternative top 40.

And This

It was reported the other day that a new DJ has signed on to Chicago’s WLIV-FM (100.3) Her name is Lisa Allen and she’s a beaut.

Beauty behind the Mic

Too bad the music that station plays is not as pretty.

It’s your typical Adult Contempt and every time I tune in I hear KC and the Sunshine Band.

And Finally

Z107.1 FM, which is a Northwest Indiana station, has, over the last several days, been playing Linkin Park’s “Waiting for The End.” I’m not complaining. I’m not a huge fan of Linkin but I’ve always liked that song. I’m  just not sure why suddenly it’s getting regular airplay at Z. It came out in 2010. It was performed on Saturday Night Live last year.

It’s almost like someone said, “here’s a cool song we never played.” That sorta thinking could improve Chicago radio.

And one final thought today on xrt. People love their Sunday morning program “Breakfast with The Beatles.”

That’s fine. But I want to host “Dinner with Depeche Mode.” I think it would work.