I attended the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo Saturday in Chicago. Otherwise known as C2E2. I call it “Chicago’s Comic Con.” I’m not a hardcore comic geek but I have a few and do enjoy a graphic novel here and there. But it’s not just comics (and I didn’t know who any of the comic artists were on “Artists Row” really). It’s also about sci-fi and fantasy tv and movie stuff. Which is pretty huge (Avengers, Dark Knight, Walking Dead, Scott Pilgrim Gossip Girl, etc.)

Basically, I like to be surrounded by geek weirdness. And something I’m working on, in a literature sense, has some of these elements in it.

Without much commentary, here’s a look at some interesting C2E2 fashion (part 1).

Poison me…

Poison Ivy at C2E2 in Chicago

Poison Ivy

Avenging Skirts

Captain America C2E2 Chicago

Love those skirts…too bad they weren’t being modeled

Sucker Punch

Babydoll Suckerpunch at C2E2 in Chicago


What? You think I’m just gonna take pics of dudes?

Beautiful girl at C2E2 in Chicago

Not sure what superhero this is…but look at her

Cool Couple

They were awesome. Selling some cool (valuable) trinkets and stuff.

Suicide Girls

Suicide Girls at C2E2 in Chicago

Not sure what this is, but it looked cool

Ozzy and…naughty schoolgirl?

beauty and the beast

Harley Quinn and girl in green tights

Harley and Green chick

There will be a part 2. I saving some more of the “weirdest” pics (and video) for that post.