A few more pics (and video) from the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2). I thought these belonged in a separate category from the first batch.

Mummy Girl – or weird nurse or something

C2E2 in Chicago

Nurse Mummy

Black Captain America and Wonder Woman

Black Superheros at C2E2 in Chicago

In this case, I think Wonder Woman kicks Capt. American’s ass

Superman – really a plumber from Chicago’s south side

Fat Superman at C2E2 in Chicago

Time to hit the tavern. Where’s Lois?

A Batman

Fat Batman at C2E2 in Chicago

I’m off to the tavern too. Where’s Lois?

Registering for Costume Contest

R2D2 at C2E2 in Chicago

Gal in purple looks lethally cute

Ozzy and the Stormtroopers

Storm Stroopers and Ozzy Osbourne at C2E2 in Chicago

Crazy Train to the Death Star

R2D2 hitting on the gals

R2D2 at C2E2 in Chicago

“Trust me girls, C3P0 is an asshole”

Just a short video of the geek culture goings-on at C2E2