In the May issue of Chicago Magazine there’s a little “Taste Makers” section about things that local fashion designer Christina Fan loves. You can check out the issue to see what exactly she loves (there are some shoes, a briefcase, a gothic chair and some other cool stuff). I’m here to talk about what I love about Christina.

First of all, I must apologize for the gobsmack picture. I have the magazine in front of me. I have no access to a decent camera or anything. I took it with my wank Blackberry. I’m at recluse author Clive Javanski’s Bucktown apartment. He’s away for the weekend and I’m in to feed his cat and some kind of fish. I’m drinking a Fat Tire. That’s all he’s got in the icebox. I just wanted to post this asap.

Christina Fan

Wicker Park Girl Christina Fan

I couldn’t find any decent online pic of her and this issue is apparently not up there yet. Anyway, the article is less than 200 words (someday she deserves a few pages) and tells you things like she hangs her hat in Wicker Park and has two dogs, Couscous and Peyton.

What I’m telling you is that this fashionista is a beaut with knockout legs. Consider her my “Chicago Woman” of the week. I may have to start a regular feature. I want to interview her over a few pints.

Music today: Listening to the new song by the Shins, “Simple Song.” It kicks my ass and yours. And the new girl in the band rocks and is cute as hell. That’s all you need to know. More on her and them later. Their concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC (after the Letterman show) was unbelievable.