When I was watching Chicago recluse author Clive Javanski’s apartment the other weekend I came across a gem of an underground film in his collection.

Ms. 45.

A mute girl goes on a spree kill after sadly being assaulted twice in one New York day.

This film is full of win. I’m not gonna go all Wikipedia on it, but it has some bizarre moments I’m cool to recall.

Her gun jams when she tries to shoot “depressed bar guy,” but it misfires. DBG then takes the gun from her and shoots himself in the head.

There’s the scene where she knocks off what looks like reject holdovers from The Warriors.

The climatic ending at a Halloween party features a cast of dancing characters including a fat dracula and none other then Mr. Met, who gets ample screen time.

A co-star in Ms. 45.

Thana, who’s dressed as a nun, ends up shooting half the  males at this party but I believe Mr. Met survived.

This is an interesting film by Abel Ferrara. For awhile I thought the closest thing to a remake was The Brave One with Jodie Foster until I saw Thana attempt to shoot some teen dude just because he kissed his girlfriend goodbye.

Clive says he’s written an essay or short novel nobody’s seen yet that’s kinda an homage to this film. I also heard a rumor there was to be a remake with Milla Jovovich.

Zoe Lund is Thana or “Ms. 45”

Girl with a gun

The lead character in this is an attractive mute girl. It made me recall a favorite yet little-know thriller from the 90s, Mute Witness. A mute film make-up artist witnesses a crime on a movie set in Moscow and is soon sought after. I highly recommend.

Mute Witness

Now for the random Chicagoland photo of the night. If they were going to remake Ms. 45 in Chicago I’d want them to shoot a scene in or around this dive bar on the far south side (Hegewisch).

Mugs Bunny

Mugs Bunny. I like the sign, the name.