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Freckles, Fiddles, and Pints

Posted on May 28, 2012

Spent some time this past weekend at Irish Fest at Chicago Gaelic Park. Highlights include the New York-based all girls Irish band Girsa and the beautiful auburn haired fiddle player for the Crossroads Ceili Band. Lowlights – just one, really. Stepping on a poor young girl’s little foot with my clunky steel toe Doc Marten boots. Feck!

Should I Be In Love with Ariel Tweto?

Posted on May 21, 2012

She shares the same name as a mermaid princess. She’s a cross-country runner and was on her co-ed high school wrestling team. She’s learning to fly. She eats seal tongue, or flipper, or something like that. She bought a kilt in Scotland. She’s Ariel Tweto, and should I be in love with her? I first took notice of Ariel on the Discovery show Flying Wild Alaska. I saw her take flying lessons. Would I fly the Alaskan skies with her? Eventually, sure. But for now I’d instead share with her an Anchorage hot tub. Last week Ariel was one of Craig Ferguson’s guests during his The Late, Late Show’s journey to Scotland. One of the trip’s highlights was the episode where Ariel and fellow…

Talking “Girls” with Alex Karpovsky

Posted on May 14, 2012

Girls is halfway through its first season on HBO. The critically acclaimed show began shooting its second season this month. Alex Karpovsky’s “Ray” will be part of that shoot. Yes, he’s in season two, which is great news for those who rate Ray’s brief “McDonald’s monologue” in episode one as one of the show’s many gems. Alex met Girls creator Lena Dunham at SXSW and appeared in her breakthrough 2010 film Tiny Furniture. Alex talked to The Dodgy from his Brooklyn home about Girls, his latest feature Rubberneck, the writing process, and whether or not The Pint Interviews is a damn good idea. Girls Alex found out just a few months after Tiny Furniture premiered at SXSW about Lena’s Girls series and admitted his…