I just like how that looks.  The L Word – The Movie. Weren’t there rumours about it? I think so? C’mon llene, make it happen. News came out last week that HBO is considering a Bored to Death movie. And that ladies and gentlemen, we raise a pint to. I’m a big fan of the show and was looking forward to a fourth season. But I’ll take a 90 minute “Bored” film. I also wish that consideration was given to several other shows no longer on the air. So that leads to another feckin’ list.

Shows The Dodgy wants to see made into a 90 minute film, a la Bored to Death. The first one is obvious, at least to me. It’s cancellation was announced the same time as “Bored.”

How To Make It In America ~ two wonderful seasons, one less than “Bored.” Make it right, HBO. This show would have been a good compliment, I believe, to Girls. I wrote about its passing not long ago.

The L Word ~ I wasn’t crazy about that whole “Jenny is dead” finale. And who doesn’t want more Shane, arguably the sexiest character ever to grace television.

Bring back Shane – if only for 90 minutes

Lost ~ at least to make up for the shittery from the  final season. All that off-island stuff – crappo.

Millennium ~ one of the scariest feckin’ shows ever. It featured one of the best villains on TV – Sarah Jane Redmond’s Lucy Butler.

Lucy Butler

Wonderfalls ~ I never saw the show. But a lot of its loyal fans raved about its lone season. So why not?

The Wonderfalls chick

Terriers ~ another show I never caught but was beloved. I’ve always like it’s star, Donal Logue. Check him out in a gem of a film, The Tao of Steve.

Twin Peaks ~ talk about a shitty way to end. That final image of Dale Cooper yapping, “How’s Annie?” after bashing his head in a mirror – no, no, no. Well it was kind of cool. But I’d take a chance on 90 more minutes of whatever crawls out of David Lynch’s brain about this story.

Rescue Me ~ just because.