It’s a tough business, trying to make in the New York fashion scene. Staying on the HBO schedule? A little tougher, it seems.

I realize the-now cancelled “How To Make It In America” wasn’t for everybody. But that’s why it was on HBO. Remember, “it’s not TV, it’s HBO” or whatever.

When I watched HTMIIA I really felt as if I was in New York’s East Village. I was with Ben and Cam as they tried to pitch their Japanese-denim jeans.

I sat on the couch in my Sears flannel watching the show but during those 30 minutes on a Sunday night  it was warm CRISP hoodie. I could taste the Rasta Monster in place of my Diet Pepsi (never cancel a show with Luis Guzman).

I smoked a joint with Domingo.

I kissed Rachel.

I missed Shannyn Sossaman’s Gingy Wu but welcomed Nicole LaLiberte’s LuLu.

My iTunes library is filled with the musical discoveries from the show.

I’ll miss the between-the-scenes still photos collage featuring the characters in their current environ.

LuLu and Cam

Maybe HBO needs to expand their original programming. Two nights per week is not enough. I guess they feel obliged to leave those other nights locked up for repeated showings of movies like “Couples Retreat.” And now it’s nonstop offerings of “The Dilemma.” Let’s lose quality like HTMIIA and “Bored to Death” but keep showing shitty Vince Vaughn movies.

They’ve  kept “Enlightened” – which is fine. I like the show. Like one critic said, it’s shot beautifully like an Indie film.

“How To Make It In America.” 16 half-hour episodes. C’mon, that’s not enough time to make it anywhere. And I want to know what happens to Kappo during his prison stint.