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Looking for Lilliana

Posted on August 22, 2012

I went to Annunciata Fest on the East Side of Chicago. It’s one of those church festivals with a beer garden, bands, music, dancing and kids’ rides and games. I went there looking for Lilliana. Lilliana is an ex-girlfriend of mine. She attended Annunciata during grade school. I didn’t. But last year I came to this fest and ran into her.  I happened to be in the area anyway, I thought I’d drop by this year for a few beers, some tacos and music. And to see if Lilliana would be there. She would be hard to find. It was crowded, and Lilly has shoulder-length straight black hair. And being this is a largely a Hispanic neighborhood, most of the gals in attendance had…

Free Pussy Riot

Posted on August 17, 2012

Free Pussy Riot. Damn you Russia, to hell. You’re still the Drago, bond villain assjacks we’ve known and loved.

Poor Pussy Riot. I’m hearing they’ve received a two year sentence. I once had a “Free Winona” T-Shirt. Time to break out the “Free Pussy Riot” ones.

From Russia with Love

Kinda cute without those Chinese sun masks or whatever they wear. The one on the far left looks like an ex-girlfriend of mine. This really happens? Can’t we just lock up douche bags who sing spew bad karaoke, and put an end to that once and for all? And what’s with those lady guards? Can they be locked up instead?

Topped Up

Posted on August 14, 2012

The Dodgy stopped by Northalsted Market Days in Chicago last weekend and got “topped up.” How about a CellBlock Beer? So I got myself a beer immediately after walking in. About a block later I saw some dodgy activity taking place on a balcony overlooking the street fest. I wanted take some pics with a new camera, purchased specifically for this wonderful site, but I had no where to place my beer cup. I asked this bloke if I could set it down on this “bar” while I snapped my pic. He asked if he could “top it up” for me  because I had taken a few sips from where I made the original purchase. “Hecks yea,” I said. So next year at Market Days buy…

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