Have you seen Iseult?

Pretty Irish Girl in Chicago

I thought I knew where every Irish beauty in Chicago was. Digging into my “box of fashion” I came across this gem of a newspaper piece. It’s from the Chicago Sun-Times, and it’s about a few years old when they ran, what I believe where, these random slices of street fashion photography. This one is of Iseult, who according to the caption “has got the pout down.”

It’s kind of like that Sartorialist guy’s blog. I’ve done something similar in the past for journalistic reasons. I’ve also thought about doing something similar for this website, but you know, with that Dodgy bent to it.

But back to Iseult. What a name. Needing a name of an Irish girl for a fiction piece I was working on, I thought about using it. Iseult.

Pronounced ee-solt.

Of debated origin and meaning. Iseult might be derived from the Old High German Isold, a compound name composed of the elements is (ice) and waltan (to rule): hence, “ruler of the ice.” Alternatively, it could be a variant of the Welsh Esyllt (beautiful, fair). The name is borne in medieval legend by an Irish princess who was betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall. Tristram was sent to get her, and, mistakenly drinking from a love potion that was meant for the king, they fell in love with each other

An Irish princess. Right there on Michigan Avenue. All 5 feet 11 inches of her. So I have never seen Iseult. Have you? Do you know what kind of music she listens too? Does she eat fast food? What kind of beer does she like? Would she share a pint? Or is she strictly a red wine gal? There’s not a lot of mystery anymore, with things of this sort. Social media. Iseult, this Iseult, I believe is on Facebook. It certainly looks like her (beautiful, fair). Apparently she is back in Ireland, in Dublin. Her “likes” include the Jonathan Ross show, Trinity College Memes, and I Fucking Love Puns. I’m glad there isn’t more info. Keep it private Iseult. Retain some mystery.

I’ll applaud you from afar.