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Best use of a song in a film

Posted on October 11, 2012

Somebody asked me about the lesbian kiss mentioned in the “I’ve Kissed” post a little while back. That story will come. But it got me to thinking about other kisses and what, if any, music accompanied them. Then I thought about the use of particular songs in films. Not necessarily for kissing scenes – just in general. There are those well-known ones (“Sister Christian” in Boogie Nights, etc.) but I’ve focused on what are believe are lesser-known gems. My rule is the song had to play a particular role in the film. It could not just be on the soundtrack. It can’t be a musical. The character(s) know it’s there. They could hear it. They played it. So with a little commentary, here’s the Dodgy list.…

How To Fix Baseball

Posted on October 5, 2012

Or at least make it a little more interesting. The season is too long. The World Series begins Oct. 24. Game Seven would be played on Nov. 1. That’s ridiculous. 140 Games Lop off 22 games in the season. That way the playoffs would begin in the middle of September. Game Seven of the World Series should be played sometime during the first week of October. Warmer weather is most likely a certainty if its played in cold-weather cities. Baseball sucks when it’s ass-cold and players are wearing winter hats on the field. Sure it’s cold in April at the start of the season, but those games and their conditions are well forgotten by the time the playoffs come around. Another reason for the shorter season…