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Fictional Hoosier of the Month

Posted on October 30, 2012

Back by unpopular demand. We started this awhile ago when the site was nwidodgy. It didn’t last. And it’s just not as fun to have a “Fictional Chicagoan of the Month.” A year ago the first FHOTM was April Ludgate (Aubrey Plaza). She was followed by Catherine Stark (Allison McAtee). So to celebrate the year anniversary of those, the bit is back. So say hello to the latest Fictional Hoosier of the Month. June Colburn. June lived in Indiana prior to moving to New York City for a Wall Street job that disappeared in the economic downturn. Then she lost her fiance. She currently works in a coffee shop and is a roommate with a bitch in apartment 23. June used to be on…

The Jackson Fail in Gary

Posted on October 27, 2012

I’m not a fan of Michael Jackson. But I am a fan of odd. So when I had the chance to experience Jackson-related odd just outside Chicago a few months ago I took it. There was a lot of hub-di-do about Jackson’s mom, Katherine Jackson, and his three kids, Paris, Prince, and Blanket (!), visiting the late singer’s hometown of Gary, Indiana for a few days during his birthday celebration in August. Oh, even sister La Toya showed up, briefly. There are many in the downtrodden city who believe Jackson’s legacy is going to save the city. No. There have long been rumours of an MJ shrine or museum. No. Some have predicated that Jackson’s boyhood home would “become the next Graceland.” No. But…

Have You Seen Iseult?

Posted on October 19, 2012

Have you seen Iseult? I thought I knew where every Irish beauty in Chicago was. Digging into my “box of fashion” I came across this gem of a newspaper piece. It’s from the Chicago Sun-Times, and it’s about a few years old when they ran, what I believe where, these random slices of street fashion photography. This one is of Iseult, who according to the caption “has got the pout down.” It’s kind of like that Sartorialist guy’s blog. I’ve done something similar in the past for journalistic reasons. I’ve also thought about doing something similar for this website, but you know, with that Dodgy bent to it. But back to Iseult. What a name. Needing a name of an Irish girl for a…