It was a night of television death.

The big topic of discussion Sunday night was the deaths of two major characters on Walking Dead. In a time when almost nothing on the telly can come our way spoiler-free I was shocked, like many, when T-Dog was eaten by zombies prior to Lori Grimes’ death by C-section. Well done, WD. To borrow a quote I once read about the show Millennium, this Walking Dead takes ass, swishes it around in its mouth and blows it in the face of the viewer. There were some tears. Hell, even the actor who played T-Dog was crying on the wrap-up show Talking Dead.

I think those deaths overshadowed another television one that night. That of Billie Kent on Boardwalk Empire.
Meg Chambers Steedle as Billie Kent on Boardwalk Empire

Billie (Meg Chambers Steedle) appeared to “get all blown up” at the episode’s end. What’s interesting, to me anyhow, is how much more enamored I became of this character, an actress/mistress of Nucky, in just this episode. I’ve always liked her, what little she was in this season. I mean, Christ, what a killer smile. Chipmunk cheeks. Cute as hell.

I’d violate the Volstead Act with her anytime.

I found out today that Meg attended Northwestern here in Chicago. And according to her Twitter feed, she’s going to be appearing Don’t Trust the B in Apt. 23. I’ll kind of miss seeing her in those 1920s costumes. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Meg Chambers Steedle

Death and mourning continued Sunday night on my beloved Treme, where the ashes of Steve Earle’s character Harley, murdered last season, were laid to rest in the Mississippi River during the show’s Mardi Gras episode.

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