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Cards and Letters

Posted on December 16, 2012

Cards and letters, and texts and emails. I pulled some out, from former girlfriends and girl friends. Here’s a sample of some of what I found. It’s not all sweets and chocolates. Some are strange or funny, maybe. Some might not make sense to a reader. But here they are. Names are left out. You’re an empathetic mess Just wanted to drop you a letter and say hello. I will be home on the 28th and 29th. Maybe we can get together. Happy Thanksgiving. After everything it’s nice we’re still friends. Hope we stay friends. It’s a hoedown! Hi There! Maybe when you get this I’ll be on my way to Florida. I sure hope the van makes it. If not, I’ll be spending…

Chicago Radio Christmas Music

Posted on December 9, 2012

Your Chicago Radio Christmas Music Update Same old, as far as terrestrial radio. WLIT-FM, 93.9.  “The Holiday Lite” is playing the same 15 songs over and over. The other day one of the robotic woman DJs actually told me through the radio that a caller from Rolling Meadows or somewhere requested Josh Groban’s “O Holy Night.” The DJ actually thanked the caller for the request because she wanted to hear it as well. You’ve got to be feckin’ me. If someone did indeed call to request the song she is an idiot. That song is pretty much guaranteed to be on The Holiday Lite every 15 minutes or so. They get big ratings, this station, so they’re having the last laugh. But again it’s really the…